Meet Dick Cooper
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Dick, the founder of Fine Fretted Friends, has been playing recreational guitar for many years - too many to count. His primary music style is acoustic fingerstyle, however he has been known to dabble in electric, banjo, mandolin, bass, piano, violin and trombone.

Dick has owned many guitars over the years that he has played and counts many as his personal favorite guitars. Amoung these favorite acoustic guitars are: Boulder Creek ECRM2-N, Alvarez WY1, Alvarez MF1000, Larivee OMV-09CE, Northwood MJ80, Breedlove C25SR, Epiphone EF500RCCE, Taylor 514CE and a Tom Doerr Legacy Select. Among the favorite electric guitars: Predtige Heritage Deluxe, Ibanez ARX500, Ibanez AS103, Kramer EE Pro 1, Carvin AE185, Parker Fly Hardtail, and a Michael Kelly Patriot Phoenix.

Musical influences are varied. Early on Simon and Garfunkel were the first to grab his attention. The Beatles, Stones, Moody Blues, Animals all added to the mix. Eric Clapton, Phil Keaggy, and Tommy Emmanuel are some of the artists that inspire him.

In his free time, Dick works as an architect in northeast Ohio. His interest in music has motivated him to try this adventure in providing good quality gear at working musician budgets.

If you need gear or just want to talk, feel free to contact him at any time. 

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