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LR Baggs Acoustic Reference

LR Baggs Acoustic Reference

LR Baggs Acoustic Reference
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ACOUSTIC REFERENCE AMPLIFIER    - The Acoustic Reference amplifier from Baggs is finally here, and it was most certainly worth the wait. There is much to love about this amp. First, it looks really cool. Its sleek curves are a welcome change from every other box-shaped amp. The electronics are based on Baggs' industry-leading Para Acoustic DI, and they include all the tone controls you'd expect. Also, instead of a simple red/green overload indicator for setting your gain, they've added VU meters. The VUs are probably more than any of us will ever need, but it's nice to know they are there. It also features the usual array of effects loops, tuner send, hybrid inputs on both channels, a direct out, and a nifty pre/post switch so you can go direct out either before or after the preamp stage. But what sets this amp apart is the tone. It is both fat and articulate, with plenty of punch (200 watts!). You can get all the modest nuance of a quiet fingerstyle piece, and then dig in if you need to, losing none of the lows. The amp boasts a revolutionary new speaker design, and while I could probably regurgitate Baggs' marketing material on this, all you need to know is that this amp rocks. It's going to give a lot of popular acoustic amps a run for their money. I highly recommend it.

The Acoustic Reference Amplifier blends cutting edge loudspeaker design, two studio quality all discrete preamp channels and a 200W state-of-the-art digital poweramp in a beautiful and durable lightweight enclosure that redefines what is possible in a small portable amplifier.

At the heart of the amplifier is a patented new loudspeaker. Unlike conventional multi-driver loudspeakers, all frequencies are generated by a single 9” honeycomb-diaphragm speaker that employs a single 2” voice coil. The primary benefit of this amazing speaker is a 140- degree wide full range conical sound field with an effortless SPL of 110 dB. As all frequencies are generated by the one flat diaphragm, there are no crossovers or the time distortions of multi-way speakers to smear and muddy the sound. Fundamentals and harmonics align naturally for clarity, detail and a big rich room filling sound.

Building on the famed Para DI, the amplifier’s preamps forgo op-amps and employ 100% discrete circuitry in an innovative configuration, resulting in fidelity and performance that places them among the world’s finest mic preamps. We have also eschewed the generic digital effects chip common to most acoustic amps and created a specially modified spring reverb and driver circuit for the sweetest sounding reverb you’ve ever heard.

The power amplifier is a European state-of-the-art 200 Watt Digital hi-fi amplifier that is warm, transparent and has plenty of power to trace the demanding dynamics of the acoustic guitar.

• One size fits most common string spacings and saddle widths
• Even string-to-string balance
• Includes easily-accessible yet unobtrusive soundhole-mounted volume and tone controls
• Pre-contoured discrete class A endpin preamp
• Comes with Battery Bagg for secure and unobtrusive battery retention

1/4” INPUT
Input Impedance: 10 megohms
Preamp Gain: - ∞ to + 40dB
Input Level: - 40dBv to +20dBv (.01Vrms to 3.53Vrms)

Input Impedance: 6.8K ohms (Each leg of balanced)
Preamp Gain: - ∞ to + 50dB
Input Level: -50dBv to +12dBv (.003Vrms to 4.2Vrms)

Input Impedance (1/4” mono): 6.6K ohms
Input Impedance (1/4” stereo): 20K ohms
Input Impedance RCA: 20K ohms (each side)
Input Level: -10dBv to +17dB (.3Vrms to 7Vrms)

Notch: - 21 dB, sweepable from 60Hz to 320Hz
(The notch is bypassed when clicked to the “off ” position - full CCW)
Bass: +/- 12dB @ 100 Hz
Lo Mid: +/- 12dB @ 500Hz, sweepable from 200Hz to 1kHz
Hi Mid: +/- 12dB @ 2kHz, sweepable from 1kHz to 5kHz
Treble: +/- 12dB @ 10kHz

Send Level: -5dBv (0.5Vrms)
Output Impedance: 600 ohms
Return Level: +6dBv (2Vrms) Maximum before clipping
Input Impedance: 20K ohms

Output level: -8dBv (0.4Vrms) Balanced
Output impedance: 600 ohms

Output level: -10dBv (0.3Vrms)
Output impedance: 600 ohms

Output level: -10dBv (0.3Vrms)
Output impedance: 600 ohms

108dB at 1 meter (full range)

AC Power Consumption: 220W Max
AC Current Draw: 230V = 1A, 110V = 2A Max
Voltage Range (115V Setting): 90V - 130V, 50Hz - 65Hz
Voltage Range (230V Setting): 190V - 260V, 45Hz - 60Hz

28 lbs, 17.50” Width x 12.25” Depth x 18.0” Height
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