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LR Baggs IMix

LR Baggs IMix

LR Baggs IMix
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I-MIX- The Baggs I-Mix takes the Ibeam and Element pickups and blends them with a unique onboard preamp. This preamp actually is mounted inside your guitar, with hidden soundhole controls for blend and volume. The internal preamp also includes screwdriver EQ controls. So although you can't exactly fiddle with them in between songs onstage during a set, you can at least have more control than with a generic internal preamp. The IMix Onboard system is our best-selling self-contained onboard system, and this internal IMix system means you can get the same great tone without performing surgery on your guitar. I can say without hesitation that this I-Mix is one of the best dual-source setups around. So if you're looking for a dual-source setup, the Imix sytems are worth some serious consideration. Also, please note that while the standard configuration is Element+Ibeam, the IMix is also available as M1+Ibeam or M1+Element.

The iMix pairs the iBeam and Element pickups with a miniature all-discrete class A preamp/stereo mixer. Combining the acclaimed fidelity of the iBeam and the presence and feedback resistance of the Element, the versatile iMix is ideal for any venue. With its adjustable mid contour controls for both the iBeam and Element, and low cut for the iBeam, a dialed-in sound is available for any acoustic guitar.

• Includes iBeam and Element pickups
• All discrete miniature preamp/mixer
• Mono or stereo operation
• Tunable mid contours for iBeam and Element
• Battery Bag battery retention
• Prewired strapjack harness
• Variable iBeam low cut for optimum bass response
• Remote control II
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