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LR Baggs LB6

LR Baggs LB6

LR Baggs LB6
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LB6  - A unique saddle transducer, the LB6 doesn't sit under the saddle, it is the saddle. One of the cleanest pickups going. Available for 6 or 12 string guitars. The "X" version features wider string spacing for fingerstyle players. Please note that, unlike every other Baggs pickup, the LB6 models don't come with an endpin jack. Many players end up soldering these into existing endpin jacks, but if you don't have such a jack, you'll need to order one in addition to the pickup.

• One piece pickup and saddle for superior sensitivity.
• Sensor design cancels feedback and body noise for unsurpassed feedback resistance, yet maintains natural acoustic presence and warmth at higher volumes.
• Strong output signal allows the LB6 to be plugged directly into most amps and effects without the need of a preamp.
• Durable, high-quality saddle material can be shaped for ideal intonation.
• Guaranteed quality: Each pickup is performance-tested in a guitar fixture to ensure consistent quality and performance.

LB6 Series Models:

Saddle Width: 1/8"

• Steel string spacing:
• 2 1/8" E to E
• Saddle length: 2 7/8"

• Fingerstyle spacing:
• 2 1/4" E to E
• Saddle length: 2 7/8"

• 12 string spacing:
• 2 3/8" E to E
• Saddle length: 2 7/8"
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