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Lr Baggs Venue DI

Lr Baggs Venue DI

Lr Baggs Venue DI
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VENUE DI - The Venue DI is the first of a new wave of Baggs gear, and we couldn't be happier to herald its arrival. It's a pedal/stomp box that brings you the best features of the Para Acoustic DI, adds a bunch more, and throws in a mutable in-line chromatic tuner to boot. It boasts a 5-band EQ—and the high and low mids each get an adjustable frequency sweep—as well as the standard notch filter you find on the Baggs Para DI. It has separate jacks for effects send and return, a ground lift, and phase switch. And finally, in case you ever need a little extra boost in volume, it even comes with a boost switch. This will run on a 9V battery (but not phantom power), and it can also be powered by most pedalboard wall warts. With all the features packed into this single box, you're never going to have buy a separate tuner and DI again.

The Venue DI is an acoustic preamp that combines a transformer-coupled DI output for maximum isolation, an EQ specifically tuned for acoustic instruments, a volume boost footswitch to complement your playing styles, and an easy to read chromatic tuner with a mute/tune footswitch. Combining the features from 3 stompboxes into 1, the Venue DI brings a new level of fidelity and usefulness to performing acoustic musicians. Assembled in the USA with 100% quality control testing.

• Adjustable Gain for both passive and active pickups
• 5 band EQ with tunable low-mid and high-mid bands
• Garret Null notch filter for effective feedback control
• Phase inversion for best sound and feedback control
• Full chromatic tuner with footswitch mute/tune function
• Adjustable volume boost footswitch
• Full isolation audio transformer-coupled DI
• Clip meter to visually optimize gain setting
• 4 segment battery status gauge
• XLR and 1/4” outputs
• Series FX loop (separate jacks for send and return)
• Works with 9v battery or DC adapter (not provided)
• Carrying case included

• Size: 7.625” x 7.5” x1.5”
• Weight: 2.2 lbs
• Gain: -12dB to +26dB
• Boost: 0dB to +9dB adjustable EQ
• Notch -21dB, sweepable from 60Hz to 320Hz, 1/8 Octave
• EQ - Bass +/- 12dB @ 90Hz
• EQ - Lo Mid +/- 12dB @ 250Hz, sweepable from 100Hz to 500Hz
• EQ - Hi Mid +/- 12dB @ 1kHz, sweepable from 500Hz to 2.8kHz
• EQ - Presence +/- 12dB @ 3kHz
• EQ - Treble +/- 12dB @ 10kHz
• Input Impedance: 10 megohms
• Output Impedance: 600 ohms
• Battery life: 40 hrs (depends on tuner usage)
• Power supply: 9VDC with 100mA minimum (Recommended-Not included)
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