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  1. I recently made a mistake that I wouldn't mind making more often. I was shopping for a used guitar. I wanted a nice Les paul knock-off or at least at a Les Paul nock-off price. I decided to give Heritage Guitars a shot.

    I found an acceptable target and went out and bought it at what I thought was an unreasonbly low price. When the guitar came I realized I did not buy a heritage Guitar but a Prestige guitar, Heritage series. OOPS! So I plugged it in and started to play and found it was VERY nice. I did some more research on Prestige Guitars and found they are a Canadian company using Seymour Duncan JB and 59 pickups in their guitars. I played some more and fell in love.

    I called up Mike Kurkdjian at Prestige and I became a dealer for these fine guitars. So now I am an owner and a dealer of Prestige Heritage guitars. There line-up isn't extensive but they offer a fine selection of excellent products. There products are most ly ala Les Paul body shapes though they do offer a copuple hollow and semi-hollow guitars as well. he first thing I noticed when I received the guitar was the weight. Many knock-offs seem to have knocked a bit off the weight. I am not especially fond of strapping nine pounds of wood around my neck for two hours at a time but there just doesn't seem to be a replacement for weight in the tone and susttain department.

    So stop by Prestige Guitars to see their lin-up or stop by my store, Fine Fretted Friends, to browse a bit.

  2. I want to inroduce Fine Fretted Friends to the world of guitarists out there. I started this site a bit for my own use. Over the years it has been difficult to find good quality acoustic guitars, electric guitars and equipment that is affordable. I have hunted and owned a good variety of instruments nd have developed an inventory of guitars that I prefer. I started this site to sell guitars that I am familiar with and have appreciated. I have found that buying and instrument and becoming a dealer are quite different. I am currently in the process of adding inventory to these pages.

    Several lines will be very familiar and respected guitar manufacturers throughout the industry. However, in my hunting, I have run across several guitar manufacturers that make very good instruments yet still have affordable price tags. I will also be populating these pages with guitars like that.

    And what good is a good guitar without gadgets. I will also be adding pickups, straps and accessories. Once again I will not carry every piece of gear available but will be selective to that gear that I have enjoyed.  Currently my main emphasis will be on acoustic guitars with a minor in electric. The gear will be primarily oriented toward acoustic work so there may be a lack of metal banging amps and distortion pedals. Sorry, maybe someday I will grow into that, but for now... I hope you enjoy these pages and feel free to come back frequently.

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