We are proud of each of the guitar lines that we carry. When you are in front of people playing your guitar, you want to know you will have the easiest playing, best sounding and best looking guitar out there. If it comes at the best price point as well, that is great. We are confident each of these guitars offer all this and more.

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Tom Doerr Handcrafted GuitarsTom Doerr Handcrafted GuitarsTom Doerr has been building guitars since 2001. Although his time spent as a luthier has been relatively short, he has progressed quickly, giving credit to help from Bill Wise (Charis Acoustics) and many hours of reading books and magazines on the process. Tom’s goal for all of his guitars is to produce a deep, rich bass that is tonally balanced with vibrant, sparkling trebles. Every guitar is custom built to the customer's specifications.

Heindel Handcrafted GuitarsHeindel Guitars custom builds guitars to the needs of each individual customer. Specializing, but not limited to Archtop guitars, Flat top guitars, Ukeleles.
Prestige GuitarsDesigned, conceived, and based out of Vancouver BC, Canada, Prestige Guitars strive for excellence through a very high level of quality control and craftsmanship. Each and every Prestige guitar is masterfully built with extreme care and attention to detail by utilizing the most sought after exotic woods in the world today.
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