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We have had the opportunity to test run several of the leading acoustic guitar electronic systems. We believe we carry among the finest of them all.

LR Baggs makes some of the best guitar pickups and preamps available. They are widely used by pros, including Phil Keaggy, David Crowder, Jars of Clay, Allison Krauss, Doyle Dykes, Pete Townshend, Peppino D'Agostino, Vince Gill, Coldplay, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Alison Krause, James Taylor, David Gilmore of Pink Floyd and many more. They have assembled a versatile array of system selections to meet the demands of any artist whether you are a touring pro, a weekend warrior, a worship leader or just a casual player. The tone of the LR Baggs systems is what sets them apart but they have also designed intelligent user friendly pre-amps and other gear. From the original undersaddle LB6 to the newly released anthem their products have set industry standards and have held that spot. Here is what we offer from LR Baggs:

ANTHEMANTHEM - This is Baggs' newest addition to their already impressive line-up of pickup systems designed to capture the acoustic guitar tones. Baggs LB6 undersaddle transducer pickup combined with the new soundboard mounted microphone.
M1AM1 and M1 ACTIVE - The M1 pickup is a magnetic soundhole pickup, but its tone is remarkably acoustic for a magnetic.
ELEMENT ACTIVEELEMENT ACTIVE SYSTEM - The Element is one of our best-selling pickups for acoustic guitars. It starts with a low-profile undersaddle element and adds an onboard preamp with an unobtrusive volume control.
IBEAMI-BEAM ACTIVE SYSTEM- The I-Beam Active pickup is an soundboard mounted pick up that reproduces very natural tone with very low feeedback.
IMIXI-MIX- The Baggs I-Mix takes the Ibeam and Element pickups and blends them with a unique onboard preamp. Also, please note that while the standard configuration is Element+Ibeam, the IMix is also available as M1+Ibeam or M1+Element.
LB6LB6 - A unique saddle transducer that doesn't sit under the saddle, it is the saddle. One of the cleanest pickups going.
DUAL SOURCE / ELEMENTDUAL SOURCE / ELEMENT - The Dual Source combines the signal of an internal condenser mic with the Element pickup
VENUE DIVENUE DI - The Venue DI is a pedal/stomp box that brings you the best features of the Para Acoustic DI, and adds a bunch more.
PARA ACOUSTIC DIPARA-ACOUSTIC DI - This outboard preamp/DI with an extensive set of controls and portable size.
GIG PROGIG PRO - Gig Pro is a little pre-amp that can clip onto your belt or guitar strap.
MIX PROMIX PRO - Mix Pro does the Gig Pro one better: It adds a mixer
ACOUSTIC REFERENCEACOUSTIC REFERENCE AMPLIFIER - The Acoustic Reference amplifier looks cool with electronics based on Baggs' Para Acoustic DI
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