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Are all your products free? 


Who is Fine Fretted Friends? 

Fine Fretted Friends are fellow musicians who have hunted the stores for years looking for gear. This store sells the best from those searches. We have been hunting guitars and gear for over 12 years. Fine Fretted Friends website is the culmination of these efforts.


Are you saying that only the gear in your store is any good?

No. There is plenty of great gear available today. In fact our inventory is constantly growing. We are saying that you will only find products in this store that we would be proud to have as our own gear.


Do you offer a trial period or guarantee?

Yes. You can read the details of our guarantee by following the link marked "guarantee" located under the "Terms" section of this website.

How can I tell what you have in stock?

If an item is for sale on our site, then it is available. Many items are in-stock in our store. Many items are drop-shipped directly from the supplier. There are a few items that will be specially manufactured to your specifications. These will take a bit longer. We will indicate in the descriptions which itemsa require a fabrication time and which will be available immediately. Again, if you have questions concerning a specific item, give us a call.

How and when will my order ship?

99% of both domestic and international orders placed on weekdays before 1:00 pm Ohio time get shipped same or next-day, via UPS Ground. If we anticipate a delay, you'll be notified immediately and given the option to modify or cancel your order. Further details can be found on our shipping page.

Do you take email orders?

Given our order volume we encouarage that all orders be pleced through our normal channels. This means no email orders with a caveat. We still take phone orders, but the single most reliable way to place an order is to use the website and shopping cart. If you are placing a custom order, we will ask you contact us via email to discuss the particulars. Once all the details are worked out we ask that you place your order through the website, so that they're automatically entered into our order database.

How much do you charge for shipping?

All domestic guitar orders are shipped for free via UPS Ground. Orders outside the continental US or orders needed quicker than UPS Ground may contact us for any additional charges. Further details can be found on our shipping page.

Can I arrange for expedited shipping?

Yes. Most orders under a pound can be shipped Express Mail in the US for an additional $20, with greater additional fees for heavier packages. This number is calculated right in our shopping cart, and you're given the option to choose your shipping preference when checking out. Please see our shipping page for details on international shipping.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes we do, and given the recent decline in the value of the US dollar, ordering from our store has never been more attractive to international customers. Please contact us for any particulars regarding international shipping orders. For details on international shipping, please see our shipping page.

What sorts of payment do you accept?

We'll take payment pretty much any way you want to get it to us. The standard electronic methods are Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal. The standard paper transactions are Money Order, Cashier's Check (or similar), or personal checks. Please make all checks and money orders payable in US dollars
 . Checks will need to clear before any orders are shipped.

Do you carry anything other than what is listed on your website?

Yes and no. Our endorsed products are listed on this website. However, we are authorized dealers at the manufacturers listed. If they carry items that we do not indicate, we can certainly order that for you. Let us know what you are interested in and we will get you a price.

How can I order a print catalog?

For now, we're keeping prices low by listing our inventory online, so we don't have print catalogs. Sorry.

Do you sell used gear?

Yes, we do. All of our items will be clearly marked on it's new/used condition. We also sell refurbished, overstocked and discontinued items. If you're looking to score some good deals, it's worth looking at some of these items.

Do you have recordings of your gear?

Not at this time (Technology and time have not allowed us to record the istruments but that is our goal). We have posted a handful of recordings on this site. However, Doug Young has compiled a comparative on just about every pick-up and guitar combination available. Doug has graciously allowed us to link to his site. If you have a lot of free time to spend listening to recordings of every guitar pickup under the sun, give his site a visit, and while you're there, be sure to check out his music. Our intent is to make recordings of our products in as similar an environment as possible so there will be some degree of comparison available.Keep tuned in and these will be added sometime at a later date.

I have specific questions about guitar shapes, tone woods, pick-up systems etc. Where can I go to find useful information on these topics?

Please refer to our information section on this website. we are continually adding information that should prove helpful to you.

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