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Shipping Information

All guitar purchases at Fine Fretted Friends shipped within the continental US, will be shipped to you for free. Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground. Overnight shipments will be determined individually and will incur an extra cost to the buyer. We also ship a few really light things—individual string sets, tuners, etc.—will likely ship USPS Priority. While we do offer Express Mail shipping as an extra for any order, most customers go for the standard free shipping.

For international orders, additional shipping fees usually apply. Our main shipper for Canadian orders is First Class International mail. We also offer Priority and Express Mail International to Canada, which are faster than First Class, and, more important, they are trackable. For all other overseas orders, we use Express Mail International, which is both reliable and fast.

Special considerations for overseas customers:

We are not responsible for any taxes, fees, or import duties due in your destination country. Moreover, if these fees are incorrectly billed to us after the delivery of your package, we will pass these charges on to you. If you have any questions about importing goods from the US, we suggest contacting your local Post Office for details.

We cannot misrepresent the value or nature of any packages we ship internationally. Not only is this illegal, but in doing so, we forfeit any claims in case of loss or damage, and we also compromise our ability to export to those countries in the future. So please don't ask us to do so.

• If you order from us on a regular basis, or if you're looking to purchase heavier orders (more than 5 lbs), or if you require a US shipping address for any reason, you might want to consider using an inexpensive freight forwarder such as

• The above international pricing applies to every product throughout the site except heavy stuff like guitars and amps, which have additional shipping charges in the range of $100-$700, depending on weight and destination. This figure is not typically calculated by the shopping cart and will be added after confirming your order with you. Almost all international guitar and amp orders are shipped using Express Mail International (just like domestic orders) or FedEx.

    * The Canadian customs department is the busiest—and therefore the slowest—of any we export to. Customs delays range anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks, and we have no control over this. Moreover, as the Loonie has gained ground on the US dollar , the northward movement of goods purchased from the US has only increased the customs backlog. So if you'd like us to ship to Canada, please be prepared for a customs delay. If there's any way you can ship to a US address, this will be by far the fastest way to get your order.

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